Delta Gamma
Delta Gamma Fraternity

Zeta Chi Chapter at University of Delaware


Membership in Delta Gamma brings with it countless memories and experiences which will shape its members for years to come.

Consistent with our Founders' thoughts in 1873, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our vows of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our Fraternity. We encourage an atmosphere which fosters high ideals of friendship among college women,
promotes their educational and cultural interests, creates in them a true sense of social responsibility, and develops in them high qualities of character.

Delta Gamma is more than just a collegiate experience; it is a lifetime of commitment, support and opportunity awaiting you. It marks the beginning of a relationship that will last for a lifetime.



Letter from the President:

The Zeta Chi Chapter of Delta Gamma would like to welcome you to our website! We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our sisterhood at the University of Delaware.

I’m Christa Zeladonis and I am so excited to be serving Zeta Chi as president this year. Delta Gamma’s mission is to promote the values of our founders such as fostering high ideals of friendship, promoting educational and cultural interests, creating a true sense of social responsibility, and developing the finest qualities of character. Here at Zeta Chi, we strongly focus on our founding ideals and rituals, connecting our experiences to our values as Delta Gamma women.

I joined Delta Gamma during the spring semester of my freshman year and immediately felt welcomed. I was looking for a close-knit community at the University of Delaware, and I found exactly that in Zeta Chi. Our sisterhood is one of our strongest and most valued assets, and personally, it’s one of my favorite parts of being a Delta Gamma. The genuine friendships and support that I’ve gained through Delta Gamma have impacted my college experience so significantly, and I could not be more grateful. The experiences I have had with my sisters, whether at sisterhood events, formals, philanthropy events, lunch dates, or studying abroad together, show me every day just how blessed I am to be a part of this organization and to have such a close-knit sisterhood to rely on.

My experiences as a Delta Gamma have taught me so much about myself and I feel that they have prepared me so well for life outside of college. The growth I’ve seen in myself and in my sisters since joining Delta Gamma is incredible, and I cannot imagine my college experience without being a part of this sisterhood. Thank you for visiting our website!


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